Greek beauty products and high quality cosmetics. Natural, handmade, based on the olives and mastic. Natural sea sponges, hand-cut. Soaps, creams etc...

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  • Cosmetics

    The highest quality products for the beauty and well-being of the face and body using natural Greek ingredients: olive oil, mastiha, honey, natural herbal extracts, essential oils, etc.

  • Natural sponges

    Natural sea sponges are the best natural products for personal hygiene and skin care.
    Our sponges come from the island of Kalymnos, home of the best quality sponges in the world.
    Natural sea sponges are more durable, last longer, more resistant to abrasion and better for bathing and cleaning than synthetic sponges because they absorb and hold more water without dripping and are self-cleaning due their complex network of channels.

  • Soaps

    Handmade soaps, made only with natural oils, olive oil, almond oil, walnut oil, coconut oil, enriched with essential oils, fruit extracts, spices, herbs and glycerin. These soaps do not dry the skin like common soap.